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Salarian Gate

by Graves Of Valor

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Years of fighting and oppression Long forgot This city neglects her heroes In all her glory A new age is here An age of cult warriors Striped in black backgrounds Of swords and words The sidewinder crawls through her Sucking milk like the fire ants All hearts broken with bones Popes paid of prayers answered The church remains Sacrifice allowed City of god, City of famine Land lays Living in flames The game plan is won Engraved in bone All glory is over Down the road of Salt Her wounds burn to the black City of God City of Famine
Vigilant in a slumber The smell of death Swallowing the slopes of the mountain Streets laid of cobblestone corpses The temples engulfed in fire Stretched arm to arm All along the mountains Sea Birds feasting by the thousands While mothers ate their children All through the hills The wind whispering in your ear You are the cancer Worshiper of skulls Mass suicide The only answer The bones are pushing through again The death of a princess In a toxic gas cloud A paradise lost beyond the walls Commonplace cannibalism A human sacrifice for nourishment of the kings The temples will burn A firebrand collision With golden shards of glass In this victory the city is dead Screaming over the setting sun All is hollow above this red star Of mine Until she burns to her white core Of insurrection and murder crosspiece as a backbone Hanging lifeless doomed unto oblivion
Pestilence 03:34
Throats filled with ulcers And dust of bones Weire all designed to fall down Pestilence & famine The ashes spreading Through the towns streets The holes are filling Beginning to level out The perfumes from the roses Cover the stench of life Dreams of suicide At the burial site Distorted voices Close your eyes Close your eyes Population Control No need for prayer now No grace left for you The religions you have killed for Have turned their back on you now Lay as you rot As your eyes rolled back Distorted voices guide you Illumination Flames within Breath shortened Now Earth shall feed on your death To the dance of the vultures Martyr of space and time The thirst has been quenched
I want to watch them all die Lay upon the ground and make me your idol so Resurrection I have become a god I am your conquering messiah I am your dogs of war With ropes wrapped around her ankles Incitatus will begin his march With bloods mist frozen on the skull Horned god of pity can retrieve the corpses So resurrect me I have become a god This is what it feels like To live to be a god Anchor the wooden cross Trampled by blood and power Sister let the Christians sort out their hierarchy and slaves Oh, I grow them for their bones I am bored with this Parade of flesh Time to choose a king My pleasures rely on a slow death Eyes open for a proud warrior I have seen my end This bloods mist frozen on the skull I have seen an end Infant holocaust I have seen the end Crowned in bones This is what it feels like to die a god
Awakened under omens of Rome's impending doom Beware the ides of march oh lord The great will fall in ruins I stand as supreme lord A tyrant aged in blood Woe to the hands that strike me down Concealed under love My dismal seed is sleeping With eyes open in the shadows A death forewarned Of treason Of hate All petitions now are void Gather as the bloodletting begins Stand tall with your knife in hand Oh pardon me thou bleeding piece of Earth That I am meek and Gentle with these butchers Thou are the ruins of the noblest of men That ever lived in the tide of the times Over thy wounds I prophesize A curse shall light on all men One of fury and strife Infants quartered With the hands of war Pity choked Tear the tongue from my mouth Feed it to the people Pompey can rest his feet In my blood
Bibles stained With semen and blood Molester of the innocent Icon wrapped In human skin Molester of the innocent Soiled dreams Buried in prayer Knees skinned with broken dreams All hope is gone, guilt is easy prey You're lost without a miracle Awake from the sea This godless entity will ride Flowers blooming through old skulls Slow asphyxiation through crucifixion The thirst of justification Martyr of piss and shit A painted idol in a truck stop stall Molester of the innocent To preach the love And breathe the blood I will entomb you Slow asphyxiation Through crucifixion I will entomb you Martyr of piss and shit
Into this lost existence Fanatics control the world Obedience Taught through torture A numbness wandering through Deity and darkness I am the murderer Consuming solitude and poverty Choked on the sulfur of his pagan lords An endless thirst for alter and soul A hunger For the throne of moral authority To vacate when the slaves rise up And scale the walls Spawned from the decaying corpses Arise the evolved Hooves grasping and softened Hands raised in anger Self made moral soliger Armed with noble purity A taste for blood and speed Allegiance through death and gasoline Engineer of bathtub napalm Peeled back scortched crust Machine code atom splitter Magic healer hand jobs Slow motion killer's fire Picked apart by vultures Vagrancy speaks in tongues This clever ape master warrior Self-made crucifier Father of the world
Diderot 01:21
Locusta 05:00
Born of violence Raped in the sunset Left to dissect with a mother's praise Everything seems so familiar Exercise my voice as it burns The smell for singed hair and babies burning skin While yet I live may it all be consumed Given desires Behold my locusta A touch of poison Cold in soft hands Little brother you shake with the toxin No breath No words Mother too is on her deathbed Her pussy's wet with lion's blood Shining in all her absence She seems so alive Make me immortal Wrapped in animal skin Wet with lions' blood Invert the cross I will violate you I am the Antichrist What an artist will die in me
No Gods Left 04:35
Molten lord beneath the belly of the earth Awaken spitting pumice Clouds of super heated gas There are no gods left Inhalation of sulfur Princes and slaves alike will die Buried in white ash snow There are no gods left Frozen in time Ashes to ice


Graves of Valor (ex-Through the Eyes of the Dead) explode to the forefront of the modern extreme metal scene with their Relapse debut 'Salarian Gate'. The quintet's razor-sharp death metal attack proves 'Salarian Gate' a massive debut and one of the best death metal albums of 2009.


released May 26, 2009

Relapse Records


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Graves Of Valor Florence, South Carolina

Graves of Valor was formed in December 2005 in Florence, South Carolina, with their original name being "From Graves of Valor." After a few line-up changes, ex-Through the Eyes of the Dead members Jeff Springs, Richard Turbeville, and Dayton Cantley joined up with bassist David Hasselbring and Damon Welch to solidify the band's most recent line-up.

Their debut CD "Salarian Gate" came out in 2009.
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